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Physicist Gerard K. O'Neill proposed a space settlement design based on giant cylinders.

In a media event in Washington on 9 May 2019, billionaire Jeff Bezos 
announced that his rocket company, Blue Origin, is developing a moon lander that could deliver cargo and astronauts to the lunar surface by 2024. Drawing from the vision of Gerard K. O’Neill, a Princeton University physicist and his signature book, "The High Frontier," Bezos focused on limited energy rather than population growth and overcrowding like O'Neill did as a major problem of the future of Earth. Both are no doubt going to be with us and Space Pioneers will need to be a voice in this ongoing discussion, as the backlash against Bezos spending his fortune to rekindle O'Neill's ideas is already all over the press (see References below).


"Jeff Bezos foresees a trillion people living in millions of space colonies. Here's what he's doing to get the ball rolling."

"Jeff Bezos' 'O'Neill colony' dreams ignore the plight of millions living on Earth now"

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