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Re: History repeats itself. That’s bad news for the 2020s
David Baker, 3 January 2020, The Conversation

Friday 3 January 2019

An interesting read, David.
There are two monster changes in human dynamics, with nuclear weapons and space development.
I find that many are still mentally locked in 1914, wondering about WWIII, and fail to consider that there has never been a global war between nuclear armed superpowers.
I suggest that such a war would be totally different to any war ever fought in human history, and therefore, the outcome would be totally different.
Either nuclear war will go all the way, with tit-for-tat strikes, to a dead radiactive cinder planet, or we will get a variation of Russia’s invassion of Ukraine, or China’s push into the South China Sea, all very obvious beneath our noses now, if we care to look down.
The second nuclear variation could see Australia surrendered to the East to buy peace, as West Papua was sacrificed in 1962, to buy a nominally pro-Western peace with Jakarta: which was followed by the slaughter of half a million Indonesians, the invasion of East Timor, and a never-ending war in western New Guinea.
How would Australia be sacrificed?
Pine Gap may be nuked, along with a partial invasion of Australia and maybe Estonia and more of Ukraine, and then an offer to talk and negotiate a new world order, or risk losing the lot on a dead Earth.
What value Australia to America and Europe threatened with extinction?
The Antipodeans may be offerted passage to Western nations.
The East would be pleased to get their hands on Antarctica, and an unbridled sphere of influence from Pole to Pole, and get on with serious space development, as would the West.
With Russia having glide missiles that can reach any place on Earth within an hour, the United States is now pressing ahead with getting missiles into space to take them out, which will lead to kinetic weapons being lobbed from space, which cannot be stopped, and be made from space resources and solar power in space for energy: they have the force of a nuclear bomb upon impact, with no radiation fallout, and an endless supply could be built in space.
Space has the potential to change the human dynamic, with access to the resources of the Solar System, and the virtually infinite power of the Sun, where a sustainable industrial presence can be established, beyond which there are no further real costs: so it is possible to create a stellar economy that is free of poverty, globally, where all citizens can have a career, work, a proper income, and be assured of a home, ending poverty, permanently, which will improve security in space.
The defence of Australia may well hinge on our making a giant leap in space, along with all leading space nations, to build a better future with space: but this is unlikely to happen, due to our politicians being submissive to the US, and a vast vacuum of understanding when it comes to what can happen in space.
The space option can happen quite swiftly, as a survival level action, as seen with developments in WWII, the Manhattan Project, and the Moon Race.
Should the scales of carbon energy propaganda fall from the eyes of enough people, which has vested interest in Earth-based energy and power, a movement of concerned citizens could strike out in a new direction: but the window may be no more than this year, due to the climate emergency becoming a planetary crisis, with a state of emergency focusing all work on Earth, including pumping sulphur into the air to cool the Earth.
Carbon energy would be the winners in pumping sulphur, and be ale to keep on flogging fossil fuel.
When environmentalists focus entirely on the Earth, and will not consider space, are they giving a green light to the carbon energy control of wealth and power?
A space option can include beaming space based solar power to Earth to extract excess CO2 from the air, and constructing an adjustable sunshade in space to cool the planet.
With the power of the Sun, CO2 can be broken and the carbon processed into a useful resource for Earth and space industries.
With the power of the Sun, we can desalinate any volume of ocean water and pump the liquid gold to any location on Earth where water is needed for people and growing food, using pipes made from extracted carbon.
The way citizens could mobilise was seen in October 2016, and a former Kremlin weapons designer launched a proposed space nation on the eve of the US presidential election, attracting the interest of over half a million space advocates in a couple of weeks.
We now have the tech to drive a global campaign that attracts ten million space advocates, globally, within a year.
This may be the only way that we can defend Australia, with forward defence in space buiot on peace, and build a peaceful future in space, by ending poverty on Earth.
We could have started building this future in the 1970s, and become a much more advanced civilization, but it seems that carbon energy propaganda successfully kept us all locked down on Earth, where fossil fuel makes fools of us all, and is a threat to our survival.
Happy to hear from anyone ….. ….. to help lift our game to space, and work on a management plan for the Solar System as a whole.
Kim Peart


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