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Joining StarGate Grid
Active denizens of StarGate Grid are also invited to participate in the StarGate Grid Forum, where they can read StarGate announcements, catch up on space news and Earth-care issues, make comments, add new posts and also post photos.
A neat feature of this forum is the calendar, where starzens (StarGate denizens) can keep track of up-coming events, such as the Moon landing remembrance in July.
New starzens must be invited to join and if accepted into the StarGate community, will be invited to join our building group.
StarGate Grid is free to join and is open to any interested person.
Access to the Forum is also free.
This little virtual world is 4 regions in size, each 256 by 256 metres, with space going up over 4,000 metres.
Like most people entering the virtual world, we started out in Second Life, where we still maintain a presence and active projects, so the StarGate Grid Forum will also include news from our projects there.
For a time we were active in the virtual world called InWorldz, where we had an island called Sprite and the landform of Sprite is now located at StarGate, with the permission of the maker and is called Sprite.
We have also explored Open Sim and had a region for a time in OSGrid, where we built the pyramid, now located at StarGate.
In the space above we have a large torus, 64 metres wide by 250 metres in diameter, where orbital space activities will be pursued.
It will be possible to have the space walkers here that allow the user to walk around the inside of a torus space station, as if it is revolving in space generating a gravity and we look forward to this happening.
We use space walkers, also called wall walkers, to walk around the inside of our torus space station above Nautilus City in Second Life.
The primary purpose of StarGate is to pursue the virtual space program.
This is based on the principle that if ten empowered individuals decide to work together to achieve a shared vision, it would take a powerful opposition to stand in their way.
The aim of the virtual space program is to build community globally, to plan local action toward creating our celestial future.
We can build environments in the virtual world that could one day exist in space and we can use them, as if we are in space, to refine the designs.
A virtual world region naturally lends itself to a team of ten people forming to pursue a shared project.
The team could develop an interesting environment at ground level for visitors, with space builds in the space above.
It is our aim to keep the ground level open for visitors to explore, discover and buy from shops, with access to space builds maybe being open, or maybe being by invitation.
Teams would attract family, friends and associates to participate and bring the StarGate community to life.
As there is interest and the funds are available, more regions can be added and so the StarGate Grid can grow.
If the founding team succeed in sharing their vision, they will look toward a virtual world of ten million and more participants, building models of our future in space, planning action in the local community and also looking toward the proper care of our starship called Earth.

Would you like to join our virtual space program?


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