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Re: Collapse Is Already Here: It’s A Process, Not An Event …
Att: Chris Martenson
Dear Chris,
Your article paints a bleak picture, but compared to my concerns, it is a merry carnival.
I see the need to have a plan of action in place and mobile by October this year, attracting ten million in support by October 2020, who engaged in a ten year mission.
The aim is to assure human survival, so there can be future prosperity and further creativity, and to launch the work of winning back a safe Earth.
I knew Bill Mollison, who used to talk about the collapse of society and what would happen, half a century ago, when I was engaged in Environmental Studies in Tasmania in 1975.
Bill had a place to escape to in the bush near Hobart, should need arise.
The following year I became intrigued with proposals for space settlement by the Princeton physics professor, Gerard K. O’Neill.
I found a green plan, to begin transition out of fossil fuels, by building solar power stations in space, and relocate heavy industry off Earth.
That green plan for space did not gain support, and now we face the price of the delusion of focusing on Earth alone.
I have come to see that we cannot save the Earth on Earth alone.
We need to think and plan a future in the Solar System as a whole.
The whole Solar System approach began to fall into place for me in 1994, after writing a small paper called Keys to Survival (an article on this is included below).
I wrote to the Papuan story-teller William Takaku, who liked the paper.
I had been in two minds about space and Earth, but it was what William said that brought Earth and space together for me, and a vision for survival, on Earth and in space.
This is explored in my 2006 document ~ Creating a Solar Civilization ~
I then began exploring ways to put the ideas into practice.
I also began exploring climate change matters, and have grown increasingly concerned at what I read.
I include these concerns in my 2018 document ~ The Message ~ followed by a photo survey of our work in the virtual world, and the potential of this technology for a global campaigning platform ~
I now fear that we have reached the deadline for action on survival, and if we do not have a plan mobilised by October this year, we will find Earth strife locking as down on an Earth in decline, on a planet getting hotter and more dangerous, and at risk of conflicts that slide into nuclear madness.
If we mobilise for space action, and secure a sustainable industrial presence beyond Earth, even if only with machines at first, we will be giving ourselves a fighting chance.
I suggest that in the process of getting serious about space, we will find peace in space, due to the concern of nations over kinetic missiles, which I explore in this article ~
This peace in space will kick back as peace on Earth, making space the key to peace, survival and winning back a safe Earth.
In space I suggest it will be seen as essential to displace conflict with creativity.
Peace with creativity, essdential in space, may reveal the next phase of our evolution in the Universe.
We are heading off to the International Astronautical Congress in Washington, D.C., 21-25 October 2019, where we will have a booth in the Exhibitions Hall, just along from NASA.
The fight to save the Earth is being lost on Earth alone, because there is no battle plan that can hope to win, and a losing position does not inspire support.
I have concluded that the green space plan of the 1970s, put to work now, can inspire ten million and more campaigners within a year, once launched in Washington.
It will only take as few as ten determined individuals, working with a shared vision, to prepare and launch this plan in October.
It would be great if a thousand Earth-space campaigners can converge at the IAC 2019.
If you see merit in this campaign, I would be pleased to meet and discuss this.
One meeting venue is via avatars in Second Life.
It would be a shame to throw our cosmic survival away, because we became stuck on Earth, and failed to see the need to draft a plan of action in the context of the Solar System as a whole.
We need whole Solar System thinking, to save the Earth, and secure our cosmic survival.
On Earth alone, we are now digging ourselves an ever deeper hole into oblivion.
Is it time to stop digging, and reach for the stars?
Yours sincerely,
Kim Peart


My avatar in Second Life, Starfarer, with a model of our booth for IAC 2019 ~


One of our meeting spaces in Second Life ~


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