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Re: I'm a climate change hypocrite — but I'm making a New Years resolution to do things differently
Dear Coral,
There was only one way that we were going to avoid the current Climate Emergency, and the planetary catastrophe that is going to follow ….. our war with Nature, as David Wallace-Wells calls it ….. 
"That is what Wallace Smith Broecker, the avuncular oceanographer who coined the term “global warming,” means when he calls the planet an “angry beast.” You could also go with “war machine.” Each day we arm it more."
The Uninhabitable Earth
Note consideration of the Great Filter theory in that article, and what that means for us.
I engaged in Earth issues in 1975 with Environmental Studies, and began investigating space options the following year.
In 1987 I set out to figure out how we could live in harmony with Nature ….. see Keys to Survival article below.
My perspective changed when I heard William Takaku from PNG state on Radio National in 1994 ….. “Nature is culture. We must learn from Nature. When man sees himself as seperate from Nature, he is doomed.”
Considering that statement from the forest in the light of science, evolution, and the progress of our Universe from the dawn of space-time 13.8 billion years ago, I came to conclude that the key action in our collective hands was to engage in energy transition out of fossil fuel, to the power of the Sun harvested in space with space based solar power.
That became possible in the 1970s, but the world looked away from the space option, and instead chose to burn fossil fuel like there was no tomorrow.
Energy transition could have been in full swing in the 1980s, creating a much more advanced society in space, and improving human survival options.
We would also have been in position to deal differently with the Earth, and have access to the level of energy from the Sun needed to deal with all strife on Earth.
In the 1980s we also passed a key tipping point with atmospheric CO2, when the level went beyond 350 ppm, which is the level needed to keep planet temperature rise under 1.5C, according to James Hansen (Storms of My Grandchildren, 2009).
Having chosen to go to war with the Earth, what is our exit strategy?
Continuing on Earth as if it were 1968 was not a strategy then, and is not a strategy now. 
Remaining focused on the Earth in the 1970s empowered the fossil fuel industries to flog all that fossil fuel that is sending us into war with Nature.
We can also wonder what role carbon energy propaganda had to play in keeping the World focused on the Earth alone.
To remain focused on the Earth today, and in the near future, will empower the fossil fuel industries to sell us geoengineering to cool the planet, such as pumping sulphur into the air, which will then allow them to continue to flog fossil fuel.
Who is going to say “No” to pumping sulphur as the heat rises to cool the Earth?

This will be how we will get played by the fossil fuel industries.

I have read that sulphur will turn the sky white, and once pumping sulphur has begun, it can to be stopped, or the temperature goes up again.

I suspect that solar panels will be much less efficient beneath a sulphur white sky.
There are space based alternatives, which we took to the International Astronautical Congress in Washington, D.C. in October 2019, but no one is interested ~
We suggest two safe steps:

1.   Use the power of the Sun harvested in space and beamed to Earth to extract excess CO2 from the air, and also break the CO2 and process the carbon into a useful resource for Earth and space industries.

2.   Construct an adjustable sunshade above the Earth to cool the planet.

With work underway that will save the living planet, we can inspire all people on the planet to engage in saving the Earth, and be able to build a much more advanced society, with a Stellar Economy that is free of poverty.

Ending poverty will build peace on Earth, which will improve security in space.

The power coming down from the Sun can also be used to desalinate any volume of ocean water, and the extracted carbon used to build the pipes to pump the liquid gold to any location on Earth where water is needed for people to grow food, and have water stored ready to fight fires.

We have a force for expansion at work with evolution, and we have chosen to go against that force, and now we see the price, which on Earth alone is an evolutionary dead-end ….. come extinction.
Our only exit strategy out of extinction is to collectively drive a space option, which we can do, if we act now.
With Space Pioneers we have worked out a plan of action that includes space and Earth.
On Earth alone we are doomed, because Nature is about progressing expansion through juvenile to mature states.
We are in an extended juvenile phase on Earth, which has now become a cancer on the planet.
To heal this Earth, we must complete the growth phase and engage with the mature state in space.
We must act on this immediately, before nations start declaring a state of emergency that closes down all space options ….. I see that coming.
I have been beating the drum on dirtect action with space since writing my document ….. Creating a Solar Civilization ….. in 2006 ~
Notes on the work since then can be seen in ..... The Message ~

I am now hammering this message into a book.

Ignoring the need for a space option will not save the Earth.
Engaging in space will give us a chance ….. even now.

There is, however, no certainty of success.

We are half a century late.
Yours sincerely,
Kim Peart



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