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Kim Peart’s avatar in Second Life, Starfarer, with the Declaration of Peace board.


Declaration of Peace on Earth and in Space

Sunday 20 October 2019

Media Enquiries ~ Kim Peart ~


When we see a path that can lead to peace on Earth, that can also deliver an amazing future among the stars, do we act on what we see, or stay silent and wait to see what happens?

The Space Pioneers Foundation is inviting people from around the World to support a Declaration of Peace on Earth and in space.

Space Pioneers Mr Kim Peart and Dr Jennifer Bolton are in Washington, D.C., for the International Astronautical Congress, 21-25 October ~

where they have booth 377 in the Exhibition Hall. ~

Dr Bolton, our Science Officer, will make a presentation in one of the sessions ~

In our booth they will show our work in the virtual worlds, including Second Life, where we work on virtual environments that could be used in deep space missions, and bases on the Moon and Mars, as a form of recreation and creative palette for space expeditioners.

We also work on ways to use the virtual world as a global citizen’s campaign platform for space.

To date space has been the province of governments and corporations, but the dynamic is now changing, as the mood has been shifting in recent years toward ordinary people collaborating on celestial visions.

This was dramatically seen in October 2016, when the proposed space nation of Asgardia was launched in Paris, attracting over half a million space explorers in a couple of weeks.

Since writing his 2006 document, Creating a Solar Civilization, Kim Peart had been calling for a global movement of ten million space pioneers, to help open the high frontier. ~

In his document Kim identified the potential of a sustainable industrial presence beyond Earth.

He called this the Liberty Line, beyond which there would be no further cost to Earth with all future space development.

Further, there would be an infinite return on the investment from across the Solar System and among the stars.

Kim could see how the Liberty Line would be critical to building peace on Earth, which in turn would improve security in space, where human habitats are fragile bubbles in a vacuum, all too easily burst from within or without by conflict and or terrorism.

Kim wondered if a future in space may depend on shifting our social gears from war to peace, and displace conflict with creativity among the stars.

The best way to build peace on Earth, Kim suggests, is by ending poverty.

It is with a view to the Liberty Line, and the Stellar Economy that can be created, that will open the way to peace on Earth, by creating a happier society, where all citizens can have a career, enjoy creative work, receive a proper income, and be assured of a home, which Kim defines as a Basic Universal Life Expectation (BULE).

Rather than be in conflict with robots, all people would be actively working with the machines to build a better society, on Earth and in space.

The BULE approach would also improve the health of citizens, diminish crime, and leave homelessness in history.

To win the Liberty Line and be able to deliver peace on Earth, a Giant Leap into a space future will be needed.

This Giant Leap into space may call upon the collaboration of ten million and more space pioneers, working together to create space opportunities, from the grass roots to the stars.

On Earth alone, human survival is at the mercy of the fickle finger of cosmic fate.

If this pathway to survival proves to be the way the Universe works when transition is made from a planet to the stellar environment, then we are looking at a phase-change in evolution, where attempting to take conflict into space may simply lock us down on Earth, permanently, until extinction takes us.



STEP ONE ..... A Declaration of Peace on Earth and in Space

Over coming days at the International Astronautical Congress in Washington, D.C., 21-25 October, the Space Pioneers Foundation will be inviting all people from around the World to support a Declaration of Peace on Earth and in Space.

This may be the only way to pull nations back from the brink of nuclear war, and mobilize globally to deal with the climate crisis.

We must declare peace with Mother Earth, which we depend on for our survival.

With space development we can use the power of the Sun, harvested in space and brought to Earth, to extract excess carbon dioxide from the air.

Our Sun is a virtually infinite energy well, with so much fuel in reserve, it will burn fiercely over the next 5 billion years, until expanding to the orbit of the Earth as a red giant star.

With industry in space, we will be able to construct an adjustable sunshade above the Earth, to cool the planet and win back a safe Earth.

Rather than end up in a nuclear war with no winners, which could be the result of a global environmental crisis, we would be planning for a sustainable human population on the home planet.

Orbital cities can be built in space that generate an Earth gravity via rotation. ~

Beyond the Liberty Line it will be possible to build any number of orbital space cities, and the shuttle craft for transport, all at no further cost.

In this way we can build a way to reduce the booming population of Earth.

With space, we can build peace on Earth.

Supporting a Declaration of Peace on Earth and in Space will be free to all wishing to make this statement, which can be on paper or by Email ~

A digital application to be developed later that people can sign.


STEP TWO ..... A Space Evolution Campaign, making that Giant Leap to the Liberty Line

The Space Pioneers Foundation invites a billion people to help make a Giant Leap to the Liberty Line.

The technology to do anything in space has been around for over half a century.

There are four cornerstones to succeed in space, which also include popular support for serious space development, the level of funding necessary, and a time-frame for action that is not too long.

If a billion people decide that they would like peace on Earth and a future in space, and contribute 30 cents a day to help achieve the mission, over ten years there would be a budget of more than a trillion dollars.

This would also be a billion people voting for space, which would see nations taking a greater interest in space.

A trillion dollars may be enough to secure the Liberty Line, and create a Stellar Economy free of poverty.

One of the first tasks with the funds raised, will be to work out the cost of the mission, and how soon it can happen.

By using mini robots to work in space, progress can be accelerated, and costs reduced.

Mini robots can be operated by remote control systems from Earth, and also from stations in space, to mine and build.

Mini robots can build larger robots, which can then build human scale space habitats and machines.

Mini robots will cost less to send into space.


STEP THREE ..... Celestial Space Enterprise

The Space Pioneers Foundation invites ten million space explorers to consider careers in space industry and related activities.

If ten million space explorers are willing to invest in space to save the Earth, and win a future among the stars, they could raise a trillion dollars, by each raising $100,000 over ten years.

This approach to space will create work that will return much more than a personal investment, through careers created and income generated, and ultimately, by securing the Liberty Line and building the highway to the stars.

A few ideas for space related enterprises can be found in our Discussion Topics. ~

We are pleased to hear from anyone with a great idea to make space work.



We  can start designing now for a slow Earth movement, on an ecologically healthy home planet, where airships can be the main form of transport, able to fly to any destination on Earth.

In space life will be fast, flying among the orbital cities scattered across the Solar System.

Venus is nearly the same size as Earth, and in time could be transformed into a second Earth, beginning with a sunshade above this hot planet.

If we can work out how to transform Venus into a second Earth, what is our problem on Earth?

To save the Earth, and to transform Venus into a second Earth, we need to be in space.

On Earth alone, we can only dream, as we sleepwalk into a planet nightmare.

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