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South Arm of Space Pioneers' torus Space Station in Second Life

Overview Effect Meeting
10-11am 4 May 2016
The following transcript is from a discussion held in the South Arm of the Space Pioneers' torus Space Station in Second Life, where discussion included solving Tasmania’s energy crisis. A.J. Burke is an engineer working at Space City, also called Huntsville in Alabama, where Wernher von Braun’s team was established to work on the Apollo program. The space camp launched by von Braun for students, continues, often with participants from Australia. AJ suggests that Tasmania could be a good location for a test of the space based soilar power system being developed by D3 Space Solar Power Proposal. Tasmania could now qualify for energy assistance from the United States.
JAXA ~ Japanese Space Agency
ISDC ~ International Space Development Conference
Starfarer ~ Kim Peart ~ located in Ross, Tasmania
Ajbieee ~ A.J. Burke ~ located in Huntsville, Alabama
Topgun04 ~ Bob Frantz ~ located in North Carolina
In 2015 a challenge was issued across the Department of Defense, Department of State, and the US Agency for International Development for the best ideas to advance U.S. diplomacy, defense and development (the 3 D’s of foreign policy).
D3 Space Solar Power Proposal ~
Space Based Solar Power ~ FaceBook site ~
Overview Effect meeting TRANSCRIPT ~ 10-11am 4 May 2016
[2016/05/03 17:04]  ajbieee: Howdy, Topgun
[2016/05/03 17:04]  topgun04: Howdy. Thunderstorms here.
[2016/05/03 17:05]  ajbieee: We had some too in the last few days
[2016/05/03 17:08]  topgun04: We just got a bad hail storm. Not that big, but loud.
[2016/05/03 17:08]  ajbieee: guess I will tell the IEEE EXCOM that I the Hangout tech meeting I had hoped to cover on Sat May 21st is off this Friday when they meet
[2016/05/03 17:08]  Starfarer: Howdy ~ Just saw the time
[2016/05/03 17:09]  topgun04: That is too bad.
[2016/05/03 17:09]  topgun04: We will have lots of opportunity in the future.
[17:09] ajbieee: it there will be some chatter about the Starshot project
[17:09] ajbieee: from Hawking and crew
[17:10] Starfarer: That is pretty bold
[17:10] topgun04: Lot's of hail on the ground. I could might get my snow skiis out.
[17:10] ajbieee: Top is having a weather event, Starfarer
[17:10] ajbieee: hailstorm and such
[17:10] Starfarer: Cold but sunny morning in Ross
[17:11] Starfarer: I was working on an article on West Papua
[17:11] ajbieee: hey...I see here on Facebook that someone is selling fresh Australian air to China cities
[17:11] ajbieee: because pollution is so bad
[17:12] Starfarer: Crazy
[17:12] ajbieee: never thought I would be buying bottled water a few years ago
[17:12] ajbieee: now they are selling bottled air
[17:13] ajbieee: guess Top got knocked off with the storm
[17:13] Starfarer: WOW ~ bottles come wrapped around Guiness here
[17:13] ajbieee: power maybe
[17:13] ajbieee: there he is back
[17:13] ajbieee: lose power, Topgun?
[17:14] topgun04: The hail knocked me off line.
[17:14] Starfarer: Tasmania is still in a power crisis ~ with a long drought draining the hydro dams ~ and our power cable to the mainland refusing to work
[17:15] ajbieee: I read your articles in TT
[17:15] Starfarer: If the cable is not fixed by June, we will be heading into unchartered territory
[17:15] ajbieee: you guys need to just go solar, Starfarer
[17:15] topgun04: I was talking to a prominent researcher today--two PhDs. He said he quit research because funders with opposing ideologies were wanting the research to fit their viewpoint.
[17:15] ajbieee: there are some huge solar farms in the Carolinas now
[17:16] Starfarer: Agreed ~ and I have written to Tasmanian politicians about this
[17:16] Starfarer: Many would like to see Tasmanian go solar
[17:16] ajbieee: I drive by 2 or 3 on each trip home
[17:16] topgun04: This is just like global warming vs global cooling debate.
[17:16] ajbieee: 30 or 40 acres
[17:16] Starfarer: I suggested pushing the national government to start work with space based solar power
[17:17] topgun04: Yea!
[17:17] ajbieee: Tasmania would be prefect for that
[17:17] ajbieee: that is why JAXA is doing so much research
[17:18] ajbieee: up in Japan
[17:18] Starfarer: I keep pushing the penultimate power option and maybe, discussion will gain traction toward decision
[17:18] ajbieee: wave power also if that Victoria project is any indication
[17:18] Starfarer: The political mood is still hooked on coal
[17:18] ajbieee: does Tasmanian have any coal reserves?
[17:19] ajbieee: on the island?
[17:19] Starfarer: Tas Government is using diesel generators to fill the gap
[17:19] ajbieee: or will it have to be imported?
[17:19] ajbieee: Duke Power shuts down the coal fired gennies in the Carolinas
[17:19] Starfarer: No good coal in Tasmania, but we had been importing coal generated power via the Bas Straight power cable
[17:19] topgun04: New Zealand has a serious need for oil to fuel their fishing fleets.
[17:20] ajbieee: they are replacing capacity with natural gas
[17:20] topgun04: New Zealand needs to develop hydrogen fuel.
[17:20] ajbieee: so mainland has good coal reserves I take it?
[17:20] Starfarer: We are feeling the debate in Tasmania ~ and may have to pay for it with higher power bills
[17:21] ajbieee: or are they importing?
[17:21] ajbieee: no doubt power will go up
[17:21] Starfarer: Yes ~ there is heaps of good black coal in Australia
[17:21] ajbieee: everything seems to
[17:21] topgun04: New Zealand is importing and could be blackmailed by China.
[17:22] ajbieee: so that is why Australia government wants to stick with coal then
[17:22] ajbieee: homegrown industry
[17:22] topgun04: You can take coal and break it down into hydrogen byproduct.
[17:22] Starfarer: With Australia's vast hot interior, there could be many solar thermal power plants to provide much power
[17:23] Starfarer: Coal should be preserved for more value-added future use
[17:24] Starfarer: If we can convince the Australian Government to support an international campaign to build solar power stations in space ~ Australia could be very powerful with energy ~ and some of that could be beamed to Tasmania
[17:25] Starfarer: I see solar power stations in space as the way to lift the whole world out of poverty
[17:25] Starfarer: and that would avoid war
[17:25] ajbieee: like I say...Tasmania is great place for a demo system like the D3 proposal from US NRL
[17:25] ajbieee: it is just a MW system right now
[17:26] Starfarer: How do we get the message to the decision makers?
[17:26] ajbieee: but with a success in demo could be scaled up to GW
[17:26] ajbieee: point them to the proposal?
[17:26] Starfarer: I would appreciate a link on this
[17:27] ajbieee:
[17:27] Starfarer: Thanks
[17:28] Starfarer: Now I know which system you mean
[17:28] Starfarer: I think I included a link to that in my communication to the Tasmanian politicians
[17:28] ajbieee: The space-based pathfinder demonstrator included in this presentation that is capable to beam power to locations all over the Earth is quoted at about $350 million! Not too far off the $300-$500 million estimate from my 2013 KSI SC 809 Final Project
[17:29] Starfarer: Australia could rise to the challenge of that
[17:30] Starfarer: I will have another crack at the topic ~ especially with the national election expected for 2 July
[17:31] Starfarer: The main stumbling block is that most people seem to fear space based solar power ~ or think it is too far out there and wont happen any time soon
[17:31] ajbieee: My project proposed Diego Garcia. Diego Garcia is a tropical, footprint-shaped coral atoll located south of the equator in the central Indian Ocean. It is part of the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT).
The atoll is approximately 1,970 nautical miles (3,650 km) east of the coast of Africa (at Tanzania), 967 nautical miles (1,790 km) south-southwest of the southern tip of India (at Kanyakumari) and 2,550 nautical miles (4,720 km) west-northwest of the west coast of Australia (at Cape Range National Park, Western Australia).
[17:32] Starfarer: I hope your proposal is made into a trial run
[17:32] ajbieee: But Tasmania would be a great choice too
[17:32] topgun04: I keep getting booted out.
[17:33] ajbieee: storms bad?
[17:33] Starfarer: OK ~ pleased to hear Tasmania would be a good option ~ now to make it so
[17:33] topgun04: Yes, and more coming.
[17:33] ajbieee: might be time to move to the shelter!
[17:34] ajbieee: In my case that is the Space and Rocket Center main museum basement
[17:34] topgun04: We have hurricane construction.
[17:34] Starfarer: Handy being spacy in Huntsville
[17:34] topgun04: I vote for Tasmania!!
[17:34] ajbieee: living at Space Camp these days
[17:35] ajbieee: they were launching model rockets out by the road again today
[17:35] Starfarer: Great ~ then we can all meet for a pint of Guiness in the Man O'Ross
[17:35] ajbieee: bus loads of youth
[17:35] ajbieee: greats who have attended Space Camp in the past
[17:35] topgun04: i am going to call it a night. See you next week.
[17:35] Starfarer: I look toward rocket launches with our project in Ross
[17:36] ajbieee: Elon Musk and Sergey Brin
[17:36] ajbieee: SpaceX and Planetary Resources
[17:36] Starfarer: I suggested to the Tasmanian Government that they have a chat to Elon Musk to help solve our power crisis
[17:37] ajbieee: representing $$$B in Venture Capital funding for space
[17:37] Starfarer: A bulk order of power storage systems and solar panels on all roofs
[17:37] ajbieee: he could do the whole country with his Solar City and Tesla power storage units perhaps
[17:38] ajbieee: later, Top (guess he is already gone)
[17:38] Starfarer: One day the penny will drop in Australia ~ and after the silence, the action will follow
[17:39] ajbieee: so I was telling Top earlier that I have to cancel the ISDC 2016 Hangout on Air idea
[17:39] ajbieee: for May 21st
[17:40] Starfarer: Why?
[17:40] ajbieee: can't make it and Top has had to cancel as well
[17:40] Starfarer: Right
[17:40] ajbieee: His is family situation and mine is work
[17:40] ajbieee: no time off from this contract role
[17:41] ajbieee: what little I have was spent for my son's wedding
[17:41] ajbieee: last month
[17:41] Starfarer: I wonder what the key point might be that would inspire serious consideration of space based solar power
[17:42] ajbieee: I think as soon as someone demos
[17:42] ajbieee: then other money will be available
[17:42] ajbieee: no one wants the risk to be first
[17:42] Starfarer: Right ~ I see another article in the pipe on this one ~ along with the future for Australia
[17:43] ajbieee: you will see in that video of the Naval Research Lab that customers are US Defense, State and Foreign Aid departments
[17:43] Starfarer: How then to turn risk into inspiration?
[17:44] ajbieee: 2015 a challenge was issued across the Department of Defense, Department of State, and the US Agency for International Development for the best ideas to advance U.S. diplomacy, defense and development (the 3 D’s of foreign policy).
[17:44] ajbieee: (from the site)
[17:44] Starfarer: Yes ~ a great challenge ~ and an amazing result with space based solar power
[17:46] ajbieee: like I successful demo and the world will follow
[17:46] Starfarer: I received a letter in reply from the energy Minister, Matthew Groom, so must follow up with these thoughts and suggestions
[17:46] ajbieee: either here or in a commercial setting
[17:46] ajbieee: doesn't matter
[17:47] Starfarer: In Australia, may need to be an Australoian Government led trial, along with commercial involvement
[17:47] Starfarer: Tasmania could prompt the National Government to act
[17:48] ajbieee: first step is to power a few hundred homes or a remote military facility like Diego Garcia (it  also runs on diesel generators)
[17:49] Starfarer: Wave power is being trialled for a military base in Western Australia
[17:49] Starfarer: In Tasmania, the Maritime College are doing good work in wave power
[17:49] ajbieee: Yes...learned of those in a wave power IEEE presentation 2 or 3 years back
[17:50] ajbieee: there are (other) options to coal fire
[17:50] ajbieee: would be nice to pursue those as primary and work to get the coal as a backup
[17:50] Starfarer: A thought comes to mind ~ invite the space movement in Australia to lobby for space based solar power, to help solve Tasmania's power crisis
[17:50] ajbieee: could start that campaign today
[17:51] Starfarer: Yes
[17:51] ajbieee: on social media
[17:51] Starfarer: I'll take advice on that
[17:52] Starfarer: Seems I start the theme that can become a social media campaign
[17:52] ajbieee: old Facebook Space-Based Solar Power group has over 5,000 members
[17:52] ajbieee: (14 new in the last 30 days?)
[17:52] Starfarer: OK ~ I'll look into that ~ link appreciated
[17:53] ajbieee:
[17:53] Starfarer: Thanks
[17:53] ajbieee: we used to meetup for chats like this
[17:53] ajbieee: but then that went into hiatus
[17:53] Starfarer: The game will get hot now ~ we have a plan
[17:54] Starfarer: Tomorrow we go to AGFEST ~ a big agricultural show in Tasmania run by Rural Youth
[17:54] ajbieee: actually the idea for that 2013 project I did was from one of those SBSP sessions
[17:55] Starfarer: Inspiration from discussion
[17:55] ajbieee: only warning they post is:
[17:55] ajbieee: This group is here to discuss Space Based Solar Power, only. 
Please directly tie every post directly to SBSP.
• It is NOT a general space group. 
* It is NOT a general energy group.
* It is NOT a weird space technology group.
† Any topic that is rationally tied to achieving SBSP is acceptable if it doesn't attract too much off topic discussion. Please directly tie it to SBSP in your original post.
† Off topic posts will be removed. 
† Commercial Advertisements will get you banned permanently.
† Help us create a SBSP station.
[17:55] Starfarer: IPlanning to start an Australian time evening Space Pioneers discussion
[17:56] Starfarer: Thanks for the rules list
[17:56] Starfarer: It's good to have a focus
[17:57] ajbieee: what is iPlanning?
[17:57] Starfarer: If we can rub the space based solar power genie well, we will get all the magic from that we ever dreamed of
[17:57] ajbieee: oh...I get are planning
[17:57] ajbieee: thought that was some new Apple product
[17:58] ajbieee: its been a long day
[17:58] ajbieee: guess we better call it quits
[17:58] Starfarer: If I typed "iPlanning" ~ sytem error
[17:58] Starfarer: OK
[17:59] Starfarer: It's been an excellent discussion
[17:59] ajbieee: I'll put a transcript together unless you want this one to expand on the SBSP ideas
[17:59] ajbieee: might be good to fill in some of the blanks with some research
[17:59] Starfarer: I'll leave the transcript in your hands, unless you are not here
[17:59] ajbieee: I was telling Top the other day that some of our 2013 ideas where a little stale of late
[18:00] ajbieee: and we needed to do a refresh
[18:00] ajbieee: but I am strapped for time these days
[18:00] Starfarer: Some new ideas surfing
[18:00] ajbieee: lucky to make these meetups
[18:00] ajbieee: and chat for an hour or so
[18:01] Starfarer: Shame the Guiness here is not quite real
[18:01] ajbieee: yeah...might lubricate our minds
[18:01] ajbieee: a bit more
[18:01] ajbieee: if it was
[18:01] ajbieee: well guess I better run
[18:02] Starfarer: Inspire some good old Irish prose
[18:02] ajbieee: have a great day down under
[18:02] Starfarer: Celest

NEXT Overview Effect Meeting
8.00pm Tue 10 May 2016 eastern US time
5.00pm Tue 10 May 2016 western US time
which is also Second Life time
10.00am 11 May 2016 eastern Australian time (Queensland)
in the South Arm of the Space Station above Nautilus City in Second Life
The stargate teleporter is now located in the Space Pioneers embassy at
Nautilus - Eshmun next to Visinda's shop ~ Celestial Spirit.

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Exploration topics continue in our discussion of the space development agenda for the coming expansion of humans into the Solar System and beyond. We will continue on Chap 19 and maybe wrap up with Chap 20 next time or the time after. 

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