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In the South Arm of the orbital space station that I built in Second Life ~ an avatar can be walked around the inside of the space station, as if in space 


NEXT Overview Effect Meeting
8.00pm Tue 22 Mar 2016 eastern US time
5.00pm Tue 22 Mar 2016 western US time
which is also Second Life time
10.00am 23 Mar 2016 eastern Australian time (Queensland)
in the South Arm of the Space Station above Nautilus City in Second Life
The stargate teleporter is now located in the Space Pioneers embassy at
Nautilus - Eshmun next to Visinda's shop ~ Celestial Spirit.

FILM ~   

The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution, third edition is now available at and
AIAA direct ~
AMAZON direct ~
Frank's Twitter ~
NASA ISS Live HD Data Feed ~
Exploration topics continue in our discussion of the space development agenda for the coming expansion of humans into the Solar System. We will continue on Chap 15 next time.
[2016/03/15 17:02]  Starfarer: Howdy AJ
[2016/03/15 17:03]  ajbieee: Hi Starfarer
[2016/03/15 17:03]  ajbieee: just us tonight?
[2016/03/15 17:03]  Starfarer: Are you out of the flu zone?
[2016/03/15 17:03]  Starfarer: Frank may turn up
[2016/03/15 17:03]  Starfarer: Even Whitelight may show up
[2016/03/15 17:04]  ajbieee: just about...still a little sore throat
[2016/03/15 17:04]  ajbieee: can never tell
[2016/03/15 17:04]  Starfarer: On the mend then
[2016/03/15 17:04]  ajbieee: see you updated the land plot from the email
[2016/03/15 17:05]  ajbieee: and rebuilt the missing parts of the space station conference room
[2016/03/15 17:05]  Starfarer: It is a work in progress
[2016/03/15 17:05]  ajbieee: was really "a room with a view" last week
[2016/03/15 17:05]  Starfarer: I copied another of the sections, rezzed it out and placed in neatly
[2016/03/15 17:06]  Starfarer: Yep ~ pleased to oblige ~ if by accident
[2016/03/15 17:06]  ajbieee: that works
[2016/03/15 17:06]  ajbieee: do that all the time with software...cut and paste
[2016/03/15 17:07]  Starfarer: I disappeared this section once before ~ one of the perils of being the maker
[2016/03/15 17:07]  Starfarer: This is 3D software
[2016/03/15 17:09]  Starfarer: Our power crisis is looking even more like a crisis ~ and also a water crisis
[2016/03/15 17:09]  Starfarer: Hello Whitelight ~ How is Donna faring?
[2016/03/15 17:11]  Whitelight Christiansen: I thought it would be good to be here for a while and talk about the Initiative, if you want to.
[2016/03/15 17:11]  Starfarer: Maybe we could have you university meeting in Ross
[2016/03/15 17:11]  ajbieee: Hi Whitelight
[2016/03/15 17:11]  Whitelight Christiansen: Hello.
[2016/03/15 17:11]  Starfarer: OK
[2016/03/15 17:11]  ajbieee: OK...that's great
[2016/03/15 17:12]  Whitelight Christiansen: The great thing about this Initiative is that any university or college can do it. The idea is simple and easy to replicate, and not expensive.
[2016/03/15 17:12]  Starfarer: That should help find a budget
[2016/03/15 17:13]  Whitelight Christiansen: I am sorry but I don't know much about universities in Australia and New Zealand, so you would have to educate me.
[2016/03/15 17:13]  ajbieee: too bad Capt's not here to speak from the KSI/KSU aspect
[2016/03/15 17:13]  Whitelight Christiansen: Yes, how is that coming along?
[2016/03/15 17:13]  Starfarer: Australia is nearly like the United States, as far as I can see
[2016/03/15 17:14]  Whitelight Christiansen: What is the main university there?
[2016/03/15 17:14]  ajbieee: don't know...he has been busy in the political arena much of the time lately
[2016/03/15 17:14]  Starfarer: Can we expect a call from the Whitehouse ~ President Topgun?
[2016/03/15 17:14]  Whitelight Christiansen: Are there some prominent private universities and colleges in Australia and New Zealand?
[2016/03/15 17:15]  ajbieee: I don't think he is running for anything
[2016/03/15 17:15]  Starfarer: Aust and NZ unis are part of the Western network, part of the Western culture
[2016/03/15 17:15]  ajbieee: but I could be wrong
[2016/03/15 17:16]  Whitelight Christiansen: Do any of them have a stated interest in space exploration?
[2016/03/15 17:16]  Starfarer: Yes, there is much interest in space development and huge interest in astronomy
[2016/03/15 17:17]  Starfarer: The University of New South Wales ran the Mining Forum last October
[2016/03/15 17:17]  Whitelight Christiansen: What do you have in mind when you say there might be an Initiative meeting in Ross?
[2016/03/15 17:17]  Whitelight Christiansen: And what do you think of the idea, AJ?
[2016/03/15 17:17]  Starfarer: But to get onto that communication network, one must be up there with credentials and funding
[2016/03/15 17:18]  Whitelight Christiansen: I see, so you don't have contacts to activate there?
[2016/03/15 17:19]  Starfarer: If one or more people were interested in a plan, we could consider a moot in Ross ~ or we could consider a virtual world meeting
[2016/03/15 17:19]  Starfarer: No contacts that count
[2016/03/15 17:20]  Whitelight Christiansen: A virtual world meeting would be good as well. I talked with Framingham State about a parallel SL meeting on April 6, and they are thinking about it.
[2016/03/15 17:20]  ajbieee: I am kinda removed from even the limited university influence I participated in with IEEE
[2016/03/15 17:20]  Starfarer: Aust uni focus is academic-business ~ which cuts out any other discussion
[2016/03/15 17:20]  ajbieee: so not up to speed...
[2016/03/15 17:21]  Starfarer: There is also a HUGE divergence between Earth care sciences and space development
[2016/03/15 17:21]  Whitelight Christiansen: I could look into Australia and New Zealand through contacts in the Rhodes Scholarship community..
[2016/03/15 17:21]  ajbieee: (network here is running very slow - hope I don't get knocked off)
[2016/03/15 17:21]  Whitelight Christiansen: Me, too.
[2016/03/15 17:22]  Whitelight Christiansen: Starfarer, do you think Richard Whitehurst would be interested?
[2016/03/15 17:22]  Starfarer: At this stage, for us, we have to build a whole new foundation and building
[2016/03/15 17:23]  Whitelight Christiansen: Yes. I understand.
[2016/03/15 17:23]  Starfarer: Building real world interest in astronomy, rocketry and robotics will help slowly build connection with academia.
[2016/03/15 17:23]  ajbieee: focusing on youth is good, Starfarer
[2016/03/15 17:23]  Whitelight Christiansen: Anyway, you should feel free to pass along the materials to anyone in academia who might be interested.
[2016/03/15 17:24]  ajbieee: I will look over the Initiative paper again
[2016/03/15 17:24]  ajbieee: too bad I am not around in North Carolina with IEEE anymore
[2016/03/15 17:24]  Starfarer: We met Richard once, but he declined being involved in any space project ~ I think his interest is more in the therapy zone
[2016/03/15 17:24]  Whitelight Christiansen: I see, okay.
[2016/03/15 17:24]  ajbieee: they have a huge FIRST Robotics regional event at the University of North Carolina there this weekend
[2016/03/15 17:25]  Whitelight Christiansen: Okay, thanks, I need to go be with Donna now. Sorry I can't stay longer. Let's talk about this next week, and also the next chapter in the book.
[2016/03/15 17:25]  Starfarer: The only way forward with a new concept, is to build support one person at a time
[2016/03/15 17:25]  ajbieee: OK
[2016/03/15 17:26]  ajbieee: sorry to not be more help
[2016/03/15 17:26]  Whitelight Christiansen: What you are doing in Ross is great, Kim! Keep it up!
[2016/03/15 17:26]  Whitelight Christiansen: No problem AJ. If you have ideas about the Initiative, pass them on.
[2016/03/15 17:26]  Starfarer: Thanks
[2016/03/15 17:26]  Starfarer: Take care and
[2016/03/15 17:26]  Starfarer: Celest
[2016/03/15 17:26]  ajbieee: good night...give Donna our best
[2016/03/15 17:27]  Starfarer: And if a virtual world meeting is on ~ I'm in
[2016/03/15 17:27]  ajbieee: cuts down on travel expense...that is for sure
[2016/03/15 17:28]  Starfarer: When we all have a headset, it will be like being in the same room
[2016/03/15 17:28]  ajbieee: I hope to get my SpaceVR headset soon
[2016/03/15 17:29]  ajbieee: not a nice as Oculus or Microsoft Hololens
[2016/03/15 17:29]  ajbieee: just a Google Cardboard
[2016/03/15 17:29]  Starfarer: We are about to order the Oculus and windows bundle
[2016/03/15 17:30]  Starfarer: There will be more advanced headset on the market in the future
[2016/03/15 17:30]  ajbieee: just got a message from Capt on Gmail
[2016/03/15 17:30]  Starfarer: A big problem to master is nausia
[2016/03/15 17:30]  ajbieee: he sends regards and is traveling out of town
[2016/03/15 17:30]  ajbieee: guess you see that too
[2016/03/15 17:31]  Starfarer: Good to hear
[2016/03/15 17:31]  ajbieee: maybe he has idea or 2 for Whitelight from a University perspective
[2016/03/15 17:31]  Starfarer: Yes ~ I got that too
[2016/03/15 17:33]  Starfarer: I guess if Harvard could adopt Frank's initiative officially, then an invitation could be sent to all potentially interested Universities
[2016/03/15 17:33]  ajbieee: I say...even my limited university role with Engineering Dept's through IEEE is diminished with my work schedule these days
[2016/03/15 17:34]  Starfarer: If we were in the loop locally, then we could be involved technically
[2016/03/15 17:34]  Starfarer: and with general forum discussions
[2016/03/15 17:34]  ajbieee: I'm having a hard time just get over to visit the US Space and Rocket Center and I live here!!
[2016/03/15 17:34]  Starfarer: If we can build out own Space Pioneers institution, then academics may come be employed with us
[2016/03/15 17:35]  ajbieee: that would work
[2016/03/15 17:35]  ajbieee: need to have some researchers in astronomy and space science around...
[2016/03/15 17:35]  ajbieee: and robotics too!
[2016/03/15 17:36]  Starfarer: I hope we can inspire as many teams as possible to work on a mini-robot space program, with the aim of building a sustainable and permanent presence beyond Earth
[2016/03/15 17:37]  Starfarer: The simple thing of two or more people working on a challenge builds a momentum ~ whether they are qualified or not
[2016/03/15 17:37]  ajbieee: sounds like that could go along with Whitelight's ideas somewhat
[2016/03/15 17:37]  Starfarer: New beginnings begin with an idea that can breathe and grow
[2016/03/15 17:37]  ajbieee: interest in something usually leads to getting qualified
[2016/03/15 17:38]  Starfarer: There are some people, like Steve Jobs ~ who do not get qualified ~ yet lead into whole new worlds
[2016/03/15 17:39]  Starfarer: Von Braun became really keen on maths ~ when he found he needed maths to do rocketry
[2016/03/15 17:40]  ajbieee: that was my observation
[2016/03/15 17:40]  ajbieee: also Homer Hickam in the "Rocket Boys" books and movie
[2016/03/15 17:41]  ajbieee: learned some pretty hard math on his own to be able to explain rockets to people
[2016/03/15 17:41]  Starfarer: It's mention in the book ~ Dr Space
[2016/03/15 17:41]  ajbieee: it's also on a big sign out in my "front yard" here
[2016/03/15 17:42]  ajbieee: Space Camp's rocket launchers are right in front of the Space and Rocket Center RV park
[2016/03/15 17:42]  Starfarer: The main skill we need now ~ is how to inspire ten million people to become ten million keen people, demanding action and driving investment
[2016/03/15 17:42]  ajbieee: kids out there most every day launching small scale model rockets with solid rocket engines
[2016/03/15 17:43]  ajbieee: think we looked to that math to communicate with 10 million some couple of weeks back
[2016/03/15 17:43]  Starfarer: We have all the technical skill under the Sun now ~
[2016/03/15 17:43]  Starfarer: We need the mental muscle to imagine the impossible and make it history
[2016/03/15 17:43]  ajbieee: by referencing all the space-oriented groups to publish to on Facebook alone?
[2016/03/15 17:44]  ajbieee: social media allows you to post to thousands of people at once
[2016/03/15 17:44]  Starfarer: Ten people who share a clear vision can change the world
[2016/03/15 17:45]  Starfarer: There is an ocean of social media and plenty of storms out there on that ocean
[2016/03/15 17:45]  ajbieee: Example - 2 Mars One groups on Facebook have almost 200,000 followers between them
[2016/03/15 17:45]  Starfarer: We need a good strong lighthouse to rise above the storms and reach for the stars
[2016/03/15 17:46]  Starfarer: If all the different space groups could identify a shared objective, then they could be a force to achive the impossible
[2016/03/15 17:47]  Starfarer: A mini-robot space program might serve to unite
[2016/03/15 17:47]  ajbieee: I think NSS once thought to umbrella all those space groups
[2016/03/15 17:47]  Starfarer: The acid test would be securing a sustainable and permanent presence beyond Earth
[2016/03/15 17:47]  ajbieee: didn't pan out, I suppose
[2016/03/15 17:47]  Starfarer: Beyond that, there will be no limit to growth beyond Earth
[2016/03/15 17:47]  ajbieee: right now NSS has got like 130,000 following
[2016/03/15 17:48]  ajbieee: NASA official site is almost 15,000,000 on Facebook
[2016/03/15 17:49]  Starfarer: Rather than an umbrella ~ ian idea that inspires with a challenge that sets the sights on the stars, would serve
[2016/03/15 17:49]  ajbieee: there are your 10,000,000 and some extra
[2016/03/15 17:49]  Starfarer: The interest is out there
[2016/03/15 17:49]  ajbieee: but how to you communicate with them? Need a marketing campaign?
[2016/03/15 17:49]  Starfarer: With an idea that inspires
[2016/03/15 17:50]  Starfarer: and an objective that delivers all dreams
[2016/03/15 17:50]  Starfarer: A large task will be to sell the benefits of space to people who seek to care for the Earth
[2016/03/15 17:50]  Starfarer: and show that space development will solve all problems on Earth
[2016/03/15 17:51]  Starfarer: That alone is an idea that has the power to inspire ~ if sold wide and far
[2016/03/15 17:51]  ajbieee: not always an easy sell with launch costs like they are
[2016/03/15 17:52]  ajbieee: but we hope (see last week's hyperlink from Blue Origin) that is coming down
[2016/03/15 17:52]  Starfarer: Launch costs are not the problem
[2016/03/15 17:52]  Starfarer: The solution is a reason resounding enough ~ that it must happen
[2016/03/15 17:52]  Starfarer: That was the Moon landing in a nutshell
[2016/03/15 17:53]  ajbieee: I think launch costs are a limiting factor for programs like Whitelight's concept for the Academic Space Initiative
[2016/03/15 17:53]  Starfarer: It is to meet the cost of getting a sustainable presence beyond Earth, that I look to a large movement of keen people
[2016/03/15 17:54]  ajbieee: that is why some like SpaceX and even ULA now are giving research and university groups "free rides" for cubesats (
[2016/03/15 17:54]  Starfarer: I see too many basic survival issues now, that there is really no reason to hold back
[2016/03/15 17:54]  Starfarer: Stephen Hawking thinks deep and sees the need
[2016/03/15 17:55]  ajbieee: others...Musk and Rutan and Bezos...
[2016/03/15 17:55]  Starfarer: I find that most of academia are in a form of denial
[2016/03/15 17:55]  ajbieee: Branson...
[2016/03/15 17:56]  ajbieee: I don't think academia will make it happen
[2016/03/15 17:56]  Starfarer: when it comes to space - Earth _ and survival needs
[2016/03/15 17:56]  Starfarer: Why?
[2016/03/15 17:56]  ajbieee: they seem to do the basic research...but after the papers are published they seem to be finished...
[2016/03/15 17:57]  ajbieee: not sure
[2016/03/15 17:57]  Starfarer: That sounds like studying for an exam, getting high honours, and then forgetting about the content
[2016/03/15 17:58]  ajbieee: some academics the guy from University of Sydney that is doing the ion engine research that you guys meet at the Asteroid Mining Conference last year
[2016/03/15 17:58]  Starfarer: The problem with academia may be as basic as institutionalised thinking
[2016/03/15 17:58]  ajbieee: it does, doesn't it?
[2016/03/15 17:59]  Starfarer: To escape the institutional mind-set, an individual must rebel and discover who they really are
[2016/03/15 17:59]  Starfarer: But that could put their academic career at risk
[2016/03/15 17:59]  ajbieee: I reading a new book about just that now
[2016/03/15 17:59]  Starfarer: What's it called?
[2016/03/15 18:00]  ajbieee: called "Cradle of Saturn" by James P. Hogan
[2016/03/15 18:00]  ajbieee: think I read it before a long time ago
[2016/03/15 18:00]  Starfarer: SF?
[2016/03/15 18:00]  ajbieee: but picked up a copy again...of course!
[2016/03/15 18:01]  ajbieee: : )
[2016/03/15 18:01]  Starfarer: SF is great to push the mental boundary ~ but then real world action can transcent SF imagining ~
[2016/03/15 18:01]  ajbieee: lots of academic skulduggery in that one
[2016/03/15 18:02]  Starfarer: as when O'Niell proposed options that when beyond SF thinking
[2016/03/15 18:02]  Starfarer: Skulduggery is a great term
[2016/03/15 18:02]  ajbieee: how we think our way "out of the box" sometimes
[2016/03/15 18:02]  ajbieee: he got some engineering students to do real work
[2016/03/15 18:03]  ajbieee: course a lot of SF authors are capable
[2016/03/15 18:03]  Starfarer: "And he grinned that grin of defiance, upon which, ultimately, all freedom rests." James Mischener
[2016/03/15 18:03]  ajbieee: some have multiple PhD's
[2016/03/15 18:03]  Starfarer: Tales of the South Pacific
[2016/03/15 18:03]  ajbieee: that is good stuff too
[2016/03/15 18:04]  ajbieee: but looking at the clock I see another work day is approaching
[2016/03/15 18:04]  Starfarer: A good emperor, like Steve Jobs, inspires all the PhD's to be in his palace
[2016/03/15 18:04]  ajbieee: been another good chat...expanding my mind as always
[2016/03/15 18:05]  Starfarer: Thanks AJ
[2016/03/15 18:05]  ajbieee: yes...Jobs pushed his PhD's
[2016/03/15 18:05]  Starfarer: The quest goes on
[2016/03/15 18:05]  ajbieee: yes...let us continue...same time, same week
[2016/03/15 18:05]  Starfarer: Jobs wanted his PhDs to rebel and "think different"
[2016/03/15 18:05]  ajbieee: perhaps I will have some idea to help Whitelight by then
[2016/03/15 18:06]  Starfarer: OK
[2016/03/15 18:06]  Starfarer: Celest then
[2016/03/15 18:06]  ajbieee: and always interested in what you guys are about
[2016/03/15 18:06]  ajbieee: down in Ross
[2016/03/15 18:06]  ajbieee: Good Day!
[2016/03/15 18:06]  ajbieee: later, then
[2016/03/15 18:06]  Starfarer: Yep
“It’s not good enough to have a generation of kids who think that it’s okay to look forward to having a better version of a cell phone with video in it. They need to look forward to exploration, they need to look forward to colonization, they need to look forward to breakthroughs” – Burt Rutan

Orbital space station built by Kim Peart in Second Life ~ the stellar background comes later, or in space

Spaceship in the hub of the space station that can be flown around Mars and among the asteroids ~ more advanced version coming later, or in space

Kim Peart's avatar, Starfarer, in red, floats among the asteroids

Plan of the location of the Space Pioneers project in Ross, Tasmania, which is discussed in the transcript ~ when the sale contract is settled, the first task will be to construct a lookout using freestone building, which can also be used for astronomy ~ then develop a sculpture trail, as an astronomical observatory is promoted and astronaut training explored in Ross, Tasmania ~ aiming for the construction of a celestial city in space ~ from stone work to space work ~ from the Stone Age through the Space Age to a celestial future

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