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WWII triggered creation of Australia's only underground hospital at Mount Isa
Kelly Butterworth, 2 January 2019, ABC News Online
As World War II inched closer to Australia, miners in Queensland's north-west volunteered their manpower to dig and fit out Australia's first — and only — underground hospital.
"Even though it was never used as a hospital, the nurses would come here after their shifts to sleep because it is so much cooler in the tunnels than it is outside.”
Ms Markowski said local miners volunteered their time and completed the work in just two weeks between March and April 1942.
"The miners drilled, blasted and mucked out a series of four tunnels," she said. 
"Three run parallel to each other and the fourth intersects them, creating a capital E shape."


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Hydroponic Indoor Teleoperation Gardening Cobot.png 
This kind of underground hospital for an nuclear apocalypse (or pandemic like 2020's coronavirus outbreak?) would work great on underground habitats on the Moon, Mars or a L5 hab also! Along with a reliable indoor food source such as we continue to research with the Space Pioneers Star Seed Project and simple teleoperation cobots (robots designed to work with humans in a vertical gardening workspace, instead of excluding them like most industrial robots). See my other posts in the General discussion topic here on the Space Pioneer blog if your interested in this work:

AJ Burke
Research Associate
Space Pioneers Star Seed Project

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