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Space Pioneers Foundation
Our Mission .......
The Space Pioneers Foundation originates with the work of Kim Peart on the primal question of human survival in a rather dangerous old Universe.

We are based in Ross, Tasmania, in the island state of Australia.
After writing a small paper in 1993 called, Keys to Survival (news article included below), Kim began investigating the role of culture, and looking to indigenous society for lessons, encountering a Papuan story-teller in 1994, William Takaku, who made the rather dramatic statement from the heart of New Guinea, “Nature is Culture. We must learn from Nature. When man sees himself as separate from Nature, he is doomed.”
When applying this Earth wisdom to evolution in Western science, Kim wondered if the natural laws of the Universe were driving human society toward expanding into space, so that life from Earth may spread among the stars.
This hypothesis is explored in Kim’s 2006 document ~ Creating a Solar Civilisation ~
When considering how human society would work in space, Kim could see that everything would be different among the stars.
In space the Sun is a virtually infinite energy well, which will allow any work to be done, and any dream created, and once a sustainable industrial presence is secured beyond Earth, there would be no further real cost to space development.
Kim refers to this sustainable industrial presence as the Liberty Line, which would deliver humankind the freedom of the stars.
How soon could the Liberty Line be secured?
Kim suggested that this could happen quite quickly, if a critical number of space pioneers sharing this vision work together to make it happen.
Kim Suggests that ten million collaborating campaigners could hope to secure the Liberty Line and the freedom of the stars.
How this can happen, and the reasons to act, are explored in Kim’s 2018 document ~ The Message ~
In The Message Kim explains how ten million space pioneers could easily raise a trillion dollars over ten years to invest in serious space development, and secure the Liberty Line, where the impossible will be made into history.
With the Liberty Line in sight, and the unlimited potential of space, any investment would gain a return many times over.
Beyond the Liberty Line it will be possible to build living space in space for all interested, at no further real cost beyond the initial investment.
We would be able to press on and build arks in space for all Earth’s denizens, in case of a planet emergency, such as the sudden arrival of a large asteroid or comet, as well as the shuttle craft for transport.
Beyond the Liberty Line, we can design for a stellar economy where poverty would be history, which is a way to build peace on Earth, and also improve security in space.
In a stellar economy all citizens can have a career, work, income and a home as a universal life expectation.
When space pioneers demonstrate that they will help themselves, governments will become interested, and corporations will not wish to miss out.
A tangible objective is the building of an orbital city in space by 2029, which is possible, if we have the will to act.
The city in space could be similar to the Kalpana design. ~
The 1970s space settlement visionary, Princeton physics professor Gerard K. O’Neill, once said, "Almost anything can be done in a ten year period, when we set our minds to it.” ~
There are good examples from the last century of the seemingly impossible being achieved within a decade, which include the defeat of two powerful empires in World War II, the delivery of the nuclear age in a couple of years with the Manhattan project, and the success of the Apollo mission to land an explorer from Earth on the Moon.
Could ten million space pioneers be found in the world today?
When a former top Kremlin weapons designer launched the proposed space nation of Asgardia in October 2016, over half a million would-be space settlers rallied to the call in a couple of weeks.
A well-presented vision with the Space Pioneers Foundation could hope to attract ten million space pioneers within a year.
The launch of this mission can happen at a global event this year, with the International Astronautical Congress in Washington, D.C., 21-25 October 2019 ~
where Space Pioneers will have booth 377 in the Exhibitions Hall, to the right of NASA, and across from the Swedish Space Corporation ~
Space Pioneers will be on tour this year ~
San Francisco from Sunday 6 October
Los Angeles from Friday 11 October
Washington, D.C. from Wednesday 16 October
Chicago from Monday 28 October
and Stockholm, Sweden, from 3 to 11 November
Anyone interested can engage in Space Pioneers, by ~
Ask to receive our Email newsletter, Star Challenger
Attend our weekly global meeting via an avatar in Second life
Consider joining a team to work on space projects and help build the space community
Promote space in your local community, with a view to a local space centre (center) being founded
Work with mini-robots and remote control systems, with a view to working in space from Earth
Help define the shape of a stellar economy beyond the Liberty Line
Research and write articles on space
The founders of the Space Pioneers Foundation, Kim Peart and Dr Jennifer Bolton, are founding a company called Celestial Space Enterprise, with one clear aim of building an orbital city in space by 2029. This can happen, if numbers rally, and drive the project forward. As investment is built, employment can be created, and services engaged to deliver the mission. 
Anything is possible.
Other projects underway include ~
A Space Art Gallery in Second Life ~ we would love to hear from artists interested ~
Development of a YouTube channel for space news, and a drama series
First Step ~   In 2008 Kim proposed a way to remember the 1969 Moon landing, by remembering the moment Neil Armstrong stepped onto the Moon. In Australia this was at 12:56pm on July 21st. This moment happens at the same time globally in all time zones over two calendar days. Called First Step, this event is followed by a Giant Leap discussion, about the next big step in space exploration, which can be via avatars in Second Life, round a kitchen table, or in a seminar. Falling over two days, 20-21 July, events can be planned in arts and culture to celebrate this great event. Could the Moon landing be an event that unites people, on Earth and in space, just as the whole world stopped to watch and listen in 1969? ~

Earth Care ~   With the unlimited potential of industry in space, and with unbridled access to the power of the Sun, we would be in position to deal with all environmental problems on Earth. The power of the Sun, harvested in space, can be beamed to Earth and used to extract excess carbon from the air, to turn the tide on climate change. With industry in space, a sunshade can be constructed above the Earth, to cool the planet. Space industry can also be used to build robot machines that can be sent to Earth to clean plastic pollution from the oceans, which is now a killer of fish and birds, and becoming seen as a threat to human health. In space there would be total recycling, from the atom up, where space must be kept as clean as possible for the safety of habitats. The principle of total recycling would then also be applied to Earth, as part of building a sustainable human presence on the home planet.

Asteroid Defence ~   An industrial level presence in space is the only realistic way to deal with asteroids that present a threat to Earth, to be able to nudge them aside into a new orbit, mine them into oblivion, or in time, have arks to retreat to in space, should an asteroid or comet be too large to deal with.
Is space the key to peace on Earth? ~   The Space Pioneers Foundation suggests that serious space development will lead to peace on Earth, which is explored in Creating a Solar Civilization, and brought to light in a recent article by Kim Peart, called Implication of Kinetic-kill Missiles ~
Is space development the key to peace on Earth? 
If yes, then let’s win a peace prize.



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