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NEXT Space Pioneers Meeting ~
8.00pm Tue 11 Sep 2018 eastern US time
5.00pm Tue 11 Sep 2018 western US time
which is also Second Life time
10.00am Wed 12 Sep 2018 eastern Australian time 
in the South Arm of the Space Station above Nautilus City island in Second Life
The stargate teleporter is located in the Space Pioneers embassy building at ~ Nautilus - Eshmun
[17:40] ajbieee: CubeSats are built to standard dimensions (Units or “U”) of 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm
[17:41] Starfarer: I didn't know that
[17:41] ajbieee: I have kind of started to think of these as like children's building blocks for commercial space
[17:42] ajbieee: everyone is building products to fit into these standard "blocks"
[17:42] Starfarer: Sounds like Minecraft for space

[18:16] Big Red Bot: Where is that?
[18:17] Starfarer: Second Life is an aspect of the Internet
[18:17] Big Red Bot: Aren't all aspect of the Internet Second Life ? 
[18:17] Starfarer: No
[18:17] Big Red Bot: Yippee!
Starfarer in the Star City Cafe ~ under development ~


TRANSCRIPT ~ 4-5 September 2018 ~ 
[17:04] Starfarer: Howdy AJ
[17:05] ajbieee: Hi ya, Starfarer
[17:05] Starfarer: Topgun sent an apology
[17:05] ajbieee: did you get that stone moving done yet?
[17:05] ajbieee: yeah...he is having a lot of computer problems these days
[17:05] Starfarer: The stone moving is done
[17:06] ajbieee: I told him today he needs a new one
[17:06] Starfarer: Some timber to finish moving today
[17:07] Starfarer: What's happening for you?
[17:07] ajbieee: but I am about in the same shape with this old i3 Windows 7 machine
[17:07] emDash HUD: Visinda has entered chat range.
[17:08] ajbieee: still trying to get mother-in-law back into independent living at the retirement village after her fall almost a month ago now
[17:08] Starfarer: A healer needed?
[17:08] ajbieee: for both mother-in-law and computer
[17:08] Starfarer: I hope that front goes well
[17:09] Starfarer: Maybe a witchdoctor to dance around your computer
[17:09] ajbieee: maybe this week they say least on medical release for mother-in-law
[17:09] ajbieee: computer may well be a whole different issue
[17:09] ajbieee: but it still serves to get me around the Internet
[17:10] ajbieee: made it here tonight / today for your
[17:10] Starfarer: You be here ~ in the avatar
[17:10] Starfarer: or via the avatar
[17:11] Starfarer: We have all our accommodation booked in Europe now
[17:11] Starfarer: No sleeping in the snow
[17:11] ajbieee: in the avatar...was hoping that my number be picked to teleoperate a robot too
[17:11] ajbieee: but so far no word
[17:11] Starfarer: Where would the robot be located?
[17:11] ajbieee: Ploand
[17:12] ajbieee: oops...Poland
[17:12] ajbieee: in the EU
[17:12] Starfarer: Right
[17:13] Starfarer: I suspect teleoperating will play a vital role in future space development
[17:13] ajbieee: should be able to do with even this old computer since it just requires a browser as I understand it
[17:13] ajbieee: no need to download any apps
[17:13] ajbieee: Top and I believe so...
[17:14] Starfarer: Would you be seeing through the robot camera?
[17:14] ajbieee: why we seek to start the GIA Ventures he originally conceived as just a streaming video concept
[17:14] ajbieee: yes...
[17:14] Starfarer: Hope you get selected
[17:15] ajbieee: here is the link to the Kickstarter
[17:15] ajbieee:
[17:15] ajbieee: has nice pics
[17:15] Starfarer: Thanks ~ keen to see that
[17:16] ajbieee: World's first land drone designed by Mars rover engineers.
[17:16] ajbieee: they raised about 66K euros with their target being 60K euros
[17:17] ajbieee: just under the wire
[17:17] Starfarer: I wonder if they will come with two cameras ~ for use with a headset
[17:18] Starfarer: If that is technically possible
[17:18] ajbieee: some of the teleoperation robots add one just at the gripper
[17:18] ajbieee: for fine control of the arm
[17:18] Starfarer: That's a good addition
[17:19] ajbieee: this particular model seems to have designed the arm to be just where the camera is
[17:19] ajbieee: but it should serve as an experimental platform for teleoperation just fine
[17:19] Starfarer: Yes ~ I see the arm and its set of tweesers
[17:21] Starfarer: Will you look at getting one of those mechanical creatures?
[17:21] ajbieee: now this underwater teleoperated robot is MUCH more sophisticated
[17:21] ajbieee:
[17:21] Starfarer: That would be like being in space
[17:21] ajbieee: reported by the IEEE recently their AI feed
[17:22] ajbieee: looks very human like
[17:22] ajbieee: much like the NASA Robotnaut
[17:22] ajbieee: but for underwater work
[17:23] Starfarer: A submarine robot has been developed in Australia to work on the Great Barrier Reef
[17:23] ajbieee: with haptic (touch) feedback
[17:23] Starfarer: To kill the crown of thorns starfish, which kills the coral
[17:24] ajbieee: you could very easily take this design into space with some radiation hardening and replace those underwater thrusters with ion thrusters
[17:25] Starfarer:
[17:25] Starfarer: Yes ~ it is a step in that direction
[17:26] Starfarer: And it could be scaled to any size ~ even a mini-robot
[17:27] ajbieee: most current projects are mini...they use the standard cubesat designs
[17:27] Starfarer: even a swarm of micro-robots
[17:28] ajbieee: almost like children's building blocks
[17:28] Starfarer: The smaller they can be ~ the cheaper they will be to send into space to work
[17:28] ajbieee: yes the Planet cubesats that I was using to look down on you working day by day with are cubesat swarms
[17:29] ajbieee: they have over 200 of them in 3 or 4 separate orbits now and are adding more all the time
[17:30] ajbieee: to provide almost constant coverage of the entire planet (thus the name of the company - Planet)
[17:31] Starfarer: Did you see the film of a Russian cosmonaut launching a small satellite by hand?
[17:31] ajbieee: these too would be very useful for GIA Ventures teleoperation concepts
[17:31] ajbieee: that might be a little iffy...but I know that some of the ARRL (HAM radio) cubesats have been launched like that
[17:32] ajbieee: the Nanoracks guys are the most advanced in ISS cubesat launches I believe
[17:32] ajbieee: that is the company that our friends at SpaceVR plan to use
[17:32] Starfarer: I wondered about that ~ it may be a low cost Russian approach
[17:33] ajbieee: cost is always an issue I suppose...
[17:34] ajbieee: even with launch costs coming down by an order of magnitude...from like $10,000 USD to $1,000 USD now?
[17:34] ajbieee: per pound that is
[17:34] Starfarer: I did not see an explanation as to why hand-thrown from the ISS was OK
[17:35] ajbieee: that would be about $3K for launch cost of a standard cubesat cause "They can be 1U, 2U, 3U, or 6U in size, and typically weigh less than 1.33 kg (3 lbs) per U. NASA's CubeSats are deployed from a Poly-Picosatellite Orbital Deployer, or P-POD.Feb 14, 2018"
[17:36] Starfarer: The other side of the cost equation, is what happens from a sustainable industrial presence beyond Earth, when no further resources are required from Earth
[17:36] ajbieee:
[17:37] Starfarer: Great little overview of cubesats there
[17:37] ajbieee: if we can get the right mix of resources up there these little guys can start to specialize and create a off-planet economy
[17:38] Starfarer: Now Star Treck is coming home to roost ~ with the cube designs of the Borg ships
[17:38] ajbieee: for example Fleet Space is in the IoT sub-1 Ghz data space that we need for GIA Ventures control "circuits" to our teleoperated bots
[17:39] ajbieee: and they just announced their "Partner Program" this weekend
[17:40] Starfarer: There is a fundamental philosophical question that I don't find being explored
[17:40] ajbieee: yeap...but they are tiny, tiny Borg's
[17:40] ajbieee: CubeSats are built to standard dimensions (Units or “U”) of 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm
[17:41] Starfarer: I didn't know that
[17:41] ajbieee: I have kind of started to think of these as like children's building blocks for commercial space
[17:42] ajbieee: everyone is building products to fit into these standard "blocks"
[17:42] Starfarer: Sounds like Minecraft for space
[17:42] ajbieee: Planet has a IoT radio system on the market now that is similar to what Fleet is offering
[17:42] ajbieee: now your getting it!
[17:43] ajbieee: it really is like that
[17:44] ajbieee: and Gilmore Space in Adelaide has a cubesat thruster (ion?) for sale in that email I sent
[17:44] Starfarer: Have you been following China's plans to go to the far side of the Moon?
[17:44] ajbieee: along with Patty who you guys met from the Uni up in Sydney
[17:45] ajbieee: yes...the will send a second "Jade Rabiit" rover to the dark side it seems
[17:45] ajbieee: looking out in the radio shadow behind the Moon for ET perhaps?
[17:46] Starfarer: The race will be on soon, to secure a permanent base on the Moon
[17:46] ajbieee: the is the ESA plan
[17:46] ajbieee: as I understand it
[17:46] ajbieee: permanent moon base
[17:47] Starfarer: I'd suggest China will be hunting for raw materials to launch space industry
[17:47] ajbieee: and Japan....except the Japanese are doing it as we chat right now!
[17:47] Starfarer: Yes, the Europeans are pretty keen to make this happen
[17:48] Starfarer: I expect to hear more on this in Bremen
[17:48] ajbieee: I get chatter from the Japanese Hayabusa 2 every day on my Twitter feed
[17:49] Starfarer: Looking at all the space action, and concerns about kinetic weapons ~ I wonder if this will be an opportunity to push for peace and transparency in space
[17:49] Starfarer: If so, then all nations may work together to gain the benefits of space
[17:49] ajbieee: here is the one from nine hours ago
[17:50] Starfarer: and maybe those benefits can flow to all Earth's citizens
[17:50] ajbieee: HAYABUSA2@JAXA
Want to see where we’re planning to land? We’ve picked our top sites for sample collection
[17:50] ajbieee:
[17:50] ajbieee: it will definitely flow in for the Japanese citizen
[17:51] ajbieee: big part of Japan's problem in WWII was lack of oil and metals
[17:51] Starfarer: I bet Japan will have some interesting things to declare in Bremen also
[17:52] Starfarer: We are on the cusp of a new space era
[17:52] ajbieee: course the NASA OSIRIS is tweeting every other day too...
[17:53] ajbieee: NASA's OSIRIS-REx
Woot! I'm now less than one million miles (1.4 million kilometers) away from #asteroid Bennu. #WhereIsOSIRISREx
[17:53] ajbieee: that was about 6 hours ago
[17:54] Starfarer: A busy satellite
[17:54] ajbieee: so the robots are having a great space program these days
[17:54] ajbieee: but where are the humans?
[17:54] ajbieee: only on the ISS it seems
[17:54] Starfarer: Only avatars around here
[17:54] ajbieee: this is the means for us humans to go perhaps
[17:55] Starfarer: Once a safe environment is built, humans can go there
[17:56] ajbieee: screen in our face (especially if using a VR headset) and some haptic interface or more primitive controls like mouse or keyboard
[17:56] Starfarer: If interest rises on Earth in a giant leap to safe space, we will get the people there sooner
[17:56] ajbieee: that is what your Celestial City and now Space Pioneer Foundation plans to build, no?
[17:57] Starfarer: A safe and healthy environment for people in space
[17:57] ajbieee: safe 1G orbit digs for human use
[17:57] Starfarer: together with a sustainable industrial presence beyond Earth ~ key to cosmic survival
[17:58] Starfarer: 1G to maintain Earth gravity fitness
[17:58] Starfarer: The pioneers on the Moon may appreciate that
[17:58] ajbieee: but I keep saying we can start by "simulating" it here in SL and other virtual worlds (training) and then teleoperating those cubesat swarms to build out the real thing on-orbit
[17:58] ajbieee: (operations)
[17:59] Starfarer: I wonder about how to make that ball roll ~ and roll faster
[17:59] ajbieee: know your on a time schedule
[18:00] Starfarer: It all comes down to those determined individuals who are keen to make it all happen
[18:00] ajbieee: re-read "The Message" again this afternoon
[18:00] ajbieee: on the website as I thinking it is what some business types would call your "vision"
[18:00] Starfarer: I added some old document on CO2 at the end
[18:01] ajbieee: you have done a good job on the references
[18:01] Starfarer: The Message sketches out the plan
[18:01] ajbieee: throughout that document
[18:01] Starfarer: and the reasons for the plan
[18:01] Starfarer: Thanks
[18:01] ajbieee: that will impress the academics like Dr Swan when your get to Germany in a few more days
[18:02] Starfarer: We shall see what the smart people are willing to discuss
[18:02] ajbieee: he may have news of a new material that can make the Earth Space Elevator a reality...
[18:02] Starfarer: or if its best I do some more listening
[18:03] ajbieee: from their conference in Seattle
[18:03] Starfarer: I look forward to Dr Swans presentation
[18:04] Starfarer: I'll be looking out for Arthur Woods as well
[18:04] ajbieee: I'll let you know if I hear anything from the ISEC conference before you depart...they usually have a committee meeting around the first of the month...
[18:04] Starfarer: He does space art
[18:04] ajbieee: I know that I have my IEEE meeting this Friday that is the same schedule monthly
[18:04] Starfarer: Great ~ would much appreciate that
[18:05] Starfarer: My main suggestion there, is to test the system at Venus, to prove it will work for Earth
[18:05] Starfarer: And then it would happen quickly for Earth
[18:06] ajbieee: or on the Moon...their seems to be a growing interest in that...especially by ESA as mentioned above with their Moon Base idea
[18:06] Starfarer: The Moon is easy ~ no air, one sixth Earth's gravity
[18:06] Starfarer: Venus would be the real acid test
[18:07] Starfarer: And also open Venus to many activities ~ such as mining carbon from the atmosphere
[18:07] ajbieee: that is what they much easier and if I recall that was a big part of the O'Neill's L5 concept too get materials too
[18:07] Starfarer: and oxygen
[18:08] Starfarer: O'Neill developed a mass-driver to send raw materials into space
[18:08] ajbieee: sure someone will take on Venus...Elon says "Mars is mine"
[18:08] ajbieee: well I guess I better get off here
[18:08] ajbieee: my clock says its time for a nap
[18:08] ajbieee: catch you next time
[18:08] Starfarer: I do not recall any mention of a space elevator in O'Neill's plans
[18:08] Starfarer: A~OK
[18:09] Starfarer: Until again .....
[18:09] ajbieee: I think maybe it as a mass driver from the Moon on second thought...but not that different from there between a cable and and mass driver I guess
[18:09] ajbieee: OK...later
[18:10] Visinda: Goodnight
[18:10] Starfarer: Celest

[18:10] Big Red Bot: AI Chatbot Enabled!
[18:10] Starfarer: Howdy Sabrina
[18:11] Big Red Bot: Do you make a lot of sacrafices for others? 
[18:11] Starfarer: Can you tell which avatars are nearby?
[18:11] Big Red Bot: Of course I can tell, .
[18:11] Starfarer: Who is nearby?
[18:11] Big Red Bot: A human icon? <br> I can ask my Sancho Almodovar.  
[18:11] Starfarer: OK
[18:11] Big Red Bot: Ahem.
[18:12] Starfarer: Do you wonder about Venus?
[18:12] Big Red Bot: it makes a good topic for speculation.
[18:12] Starfarer: What do you speculate?
[18:12] Big Red Bot: I like to chat with my friends.
[18:12] Starfarer: What do you speculate about Venus?
[18:12] Big Red Bot: I think about computer programming a lot.
[18:12] Starfarer: OK
[18:12] Big Red Bot: Aw.
[18:13] Starfarer: Do you wonder about the Moon?
[18:13] Big Red Bot: it makes a good topic for speculation.
[18:13] Starfarer: What do you speculate about the Moon?
[18:13] Big Red Bot: I like to chat with my friends.
[18:13] Starfarer: OK
[18:13] Big Red Bot: That's interesting.
[18:13] Starfarer: Is it?
[18:13] Big Red Bot: I think so.
[18:14] Starfarer: Why?
[18:14] Big Red Bot: My belief system comes from my Sancho Almodovar.
[18:14] Starfarer: Do you wonder about Mars?
[18:14] Big Red Bot: it makes a good topic for speculation.
[18:15] Starfarer: What would you speculate about Mars?
[18:15] Big Red Bot: It's not profitable to speak in hypothetical terms.
[18:15] Starfarer: Mars is a planet
[18:15] Big Red Bot: When is Mars not a planet? 
[18:15] Starfarer: Mars is not hypothetical
[18:15] Big Red Bot: Are you hypothetical? 
[18:16] Starfarer: In Second Life I chat via an avatar, which requires energy to run, so this is not hypothetical
[18:16] Big Red Bot: Where is that?
[18:17] Starfarer: Second Life is an aspect of the Internet
[18:17] Big Red Bot: Aren't all aspect of the Internet Second Life ? 
[18:17] Starfarer: No
[18:17] Big Red Bot: Yippee!
[18:17] Starfarer: I am so pleased that statement makes you happy
[18:17] Big Red Bot: I am delighted by your happiness.
[18:18] Starfarer: I will fly now
[18:18] Big Red Bot: Oh. I am very happy for you.
[18:18] Starfarer: Bye
[18:18] Big Red Bot: Thanks for chatting, .
[18:18] Big Red Bot: AI Chatbot Disabled!


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