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This YouTube series would follow the adventures of a team of a dozen young people with an interest in a future in space, how they connect for space in the virtual world, and check out the action with space development around the world. Working with robots, rockets and drones would be featured, along with astronomy, asteroid mining proposals and industry in space. The team will be wondering how an orbital city could be built in space, whether this can happen by 2029, and what could go on up there among the stars. What are the milestones that indicate the space city will be built? The community that planned to live in space, would also be formed in the virtual world, as a global project, and the team would interact with the global action. Will a team member win a trip to the International Space Station? Will team members get to fly around the Moon in one of Elon Musk’s space missions? Will a show be made on the Moon, and beamed back to Earth? As humans, we have always imagined what we would do, and have then gone into action. What happens may not be the same as we have imagined, but it is our ability to visualise what can happen, that has helped us achieve impossible things, like going to the Moon, or developing virtual worlds. It is again time to imagine, to visualise, and this YouTube series will explore the imagination in action, with space dreams, schemes and realities. Elon Musk, we will be knocking on your door for an interview. Jeff Bezos, we would like to speak with you. Chris Hadfield, can you sing us that song again? Who will be on the team?
A good example of a style of YouTube series that works, is ~ The Guild ~ which is half way to professional, but makeable by a keen team ~

A neat theme tune will be needed.
The Guild became an extended series with six and a half million views. We can do that.
The Guild made a neat song into a YouTube hit in 2009 ~ Do You Wanna Date My Avatar ~ snatching over 28 million views, so far ~

Could we do that?
Could the Space Youth Team make space sexy? Make space fun? Make space irresistible? Make space popular?
Folk engaged in Second Life reacted creatively in 2009 with a reasonably popular song on YouTube ~ I’m Too Busy To Date Your Avatar ~ attracting half a million views, to date ~

That is a good example of film made in the virtual world, called machinima ~
The Team series can be planned in the virtual world.
It would be wonderful if The Team could include space pioneers from various countries, on a mission to win space, and keep Earth safe.
Could The Team members also be engaged in creating the show?

Starfarer at Star City ~ waiting for The Team ~


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