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Our land on the hill is marked in yellow

Walk in the Clouds
Kim Peart & Jennifer Bolton
Inspect the location of the lookout for Ross and the proposed sculpture trail around the top of the hill.
Walk in the Clouds
1pm Sunday 1 May 2016
meet at the end of High Street, below the reservoir
dress warmly
Ross doesn’t have a lookout yet, but there is a hill.
We recently purchased land on the hill above Ross and plan to build a lookout there for people living in Ross to access and for visitors to our town to enjoy the view.
There are great views toward Ben Lomond and to the Central Highlands, as well as over the surrounding farmlands.
We also plan to develop a sculpture trail around the top of the hill.
In time there may be an art gallery and cafe.
Your suggestions and ideas will be welcome.
We will be aiming for a world-class show on the hill with sculptural works in an open air gallery among the clouds.
We look toward running workshops for artists seeking to find a new perspective on the hill where art is being farmed.
Art Classes
For anyone new to art who would like to explore their creativity, we will be holding art classes.
The lookout will be a great place for astronomy at night, or catching the aurora. We look toward a clubhouse for community astronomy near the lookout. One day a significant astronomical instrument may find a home on the hill and we can work toward that.
Pioneer Skills
We own other land in Ross, where we plan to focus on pioneer skills, such as freestone wall construction, carving sandstone and split timber construction techniques.
Space Pioneers
Our organisation is called Space Pioneers, with our primary interest being in space development. There are many ways people in Tasmania can participate and find work in this new industry. We look to our space projects being located on the hill.
Virtual Space Program
We work with virtual worlds, like Second Life, developing a virtual space program. Using the virtual worlds we can hold global meetings and build working models of the future beyond Earth. For anyone wishing to participate, we plan to hold virtual world workshops.

Kim Peart’s Second Life avatar called Starfarer using a weightless animation among tumbling asteroids, with the Earth beyond.

Space Camp
We look to develop a space camp, where interested people and school students can learn all about life in space.
Astronaut Training
As companies like Virgin Galactic prepare to take thousands of people into space and other companies are planning hotels above Earth, there will be a need for astronaut training. This can happen in Ross, where there can be a mix of pioneer survival skills and using the machines of space. We also look to using the virtual worlds as a place where people can prepare for space and once they have been there, keep the dream going in our virtual space program.
Ross Bridge Festival
Having an interest in the Ross Bridge and having done the work to see that the bridge in Ross is considered for National Heritage listing,;search=state%3DTAS%3Blist_code%3DNHL%3Blegal_status%3D51%3Bkeyword_PD%3Don%3Bkeyword_SS%3Don%3Bkeyword_PH%3Don%3Blatitude_1dir%3DS%3Blongitude_1dir%3DE%3Blongitude_2dir%3DE%3Blatitude_2dir%3DS%3Bin_region%3Dpart;place_id=106294

we are proposing a Ross Bridge Festival be held every October, the month the bridge was opened by Governor Arthur. This event could include a stone carving challenge with a prize. Much more would happen. This event would complement the sculpture trail on the hill, where some works created may find a home.
Mid-Winter Bonfire
We would be happy to hold a bonfire on the hill every mid-winter. With the crack-down on fireworks, this could be an event worth having to bring cheer to the longest night.  
There are opportunities for volunteers who like our projects and would like to participate.

We look to create employment as income is generated with art work and space projects.
0400 856 523

View from the lookout location above Ross. The lookout will be a circular freestone construction made of field rocks.




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Media Release
Tue 26 Apr 2016
Walk in the Clouds
1pm Sunday 1 May
Ross has a hill, but hasn’t had a lookout.
Now Ross will have a lookout on the hill, for residents to enjoy and visitors to discover the view.
Kim Peart and Jennifer Bolton have recently purchased land on the hill above Ross and plan to build a lookout there overlooking Tasmania’s magical heritage town.
“We are inviting one and all interested to come along and see the hill, and take in the panorama around Ross from the hill.” said Mr Peart.
An event described as ~ Walk in the Clouds ~ will happen at 1pm on Sunday 1 May.
Participants are invited to meet at the top end of High Street, below the reservoir, and dress warm.
There is a great view to Ben Lomond and the mountains of the Central Highlands, as well as the surrounding farmlands.
“We are inviting astronomers to watch the stars from Ross, and plan to include an astronomy clubhouse behind the lookout.” Kim said.
In time there may be real astronomy happen on the hill, with a serious astronomical instrument.
Visitors on the day will be shown a proposed sculpture trail around the top of the hill, with some examples of what will happen there.
At one location along the trail we look to the prospect of an art gallery and cafe, which would be a boon for Ross and add to the attraction of a visit to the hill.
We look toward artists retreats happening in Ross, where artists and writers may find inspiration among the history and farms.
We would love to hear from sculptors who need a place to exhibit their work, especially with a view to making sales.
Once our vision is established, visitors to the hill will be able to find a work of sculpture for their business, home and garden, or commission a new work.
Sculptures made and available for sale will be displayed on our website.
"Among the farms of Ross, we will be farming art.” Mr Peart said.
Could Ross become the home of a Mona of the Midlands?
Media contact:   Kim Peart   0400 856 523

Now included in the Tasmanian Times
The media release for Sunday has been posted in the Tasmanian Times, where folk can offer a comment (comments are moderated) ~

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