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The hub of the larger torus that I built in InWorldz, which is currently located in Space Pioneers Grid. The outside of the torus is made in one section. I’d like to build this in Second Life. It is 250 metres in diameter by 64 metres wide and fits within a virtual world region (256 metres). Because of a building limit of 64 metres in Second Life, this torus will need to be built of smaller parts, like the smaller torus, which is 128 metres in diameter, that I built above Nautilus City in Second Life.
Will We Be Star Farmers?
Kim Peart

In Ross we can look toward research work that includes growing good food in enclosed environments and turning that food into a healthy diet for space communities. Being in a rural community will help focus the minds of would-be space farmers.
The only way beyond Earth is to have access to the energy to do work, by building solar power stations in space, which will then allow mining and manufacture to proceed. Once a sustainable industrial presence is established beyond Earth, one which will never fall back to Earth, a stellar economy will have been secured, which will allow any possibility within reach to us among the stars.
Stellar exploration or migration cannot happen without a sustainable industrial presence beyond earth.
To navigate the way to a stellar economy calls for a story that will inspire a critical level of support on Earth, a level of support that will overcome opposition to going beyond Earth. There are many who will block the way to space for various reasons. This is why O’Neill’s vision has not been realised so far.
To win critical level support will require a space revolution on Earth, peacefully led by determined individuals who work for human survival, a healthy Earth and a stellar future for all Earth’s children. The key to space is peace and space is the key to peace on Earth. When the peace key is used, the gates to space can be opened.
Conflict will lock the gates to space and bar the way to the stars.
The promise of a stellar economy with peace on Earth can win hearts to run with a celestial vision. This is the story that will win support for building a sustainable future beyond Earth. 
The starship we need will be built by each participant owning the story and sharing the vision. Our primary starship is Earth. Appreciating the life-support systems of Earth will help to manage the life-support systems in space habitats. And appreciating the life-support systems in space habitats will help in the management of starship Earth.
Caring for the Earth and the children of Earth is also the key to the celestial gates. This is why ten million keen individuals working together with a shared vision for Earth and space may be the way to secure the keys to space, as ten million people sharing such a vision could hope to win the hearts of the whole Earth.
Ten determined individuals could inspire such a movement, if they grasp the plough with determination to farm the stars.
The virtual world is a neat way for a team of ten determined individuals to build a working model of a future in space, with displays of all that can happen and all that is being worked toward. The style of community that space pioneers would like to be living in when in space, can be worked out now in a virtual world, as a living model. Experienced virtual world participants often refer the the virtual world they live in, where it is like having a second life, or taking part in a movie that never ends.
The first team of ten can train other teams of ten to manage and pay for virtual world regions. As in real life, management challenges are equally real and challenging and costs must be met. Team participants would also engage in real life action with similar determination to share the vision and win space pioneers to the space revolution.
There would only need to be a million teams, working in a million virtual world regions and also driving a million projects in real life, demanding political action and driving space investment toward building a celestial future. 
Is this a story worth sharing and living?
Maybe one day we can say ~ “Howdy. I’m from Space Pioneers. We save planets and build celestial cities. How can we help?”
For now we build a pyramid on Earth and also in the virtual world, until it is high enough to reach the stars.
Second life is for now a good preparation ground to learn virtual world region management.
There are virtual worlds beyond Second Life, but they can be more challenging.
If a team of ten can form, they will write history among the stars.
They will begin to farm the stars.
Hands-on action in Ross ~ Walk in the Clouds ~
Recent report on pressure-cooker Earth ~ Celestial Solutions to Terrestrial Strife ~
Why aren’t we there yet ~ A Deeper Level of Denial ~
The Primal vision ~ Creating a Solar Civilisation ~


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